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Designing on Laptop

arts and video

Careers in arts and video technology involve designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content, including visual and performing arts; and design, journalism, and entertainment services. Designers and producers of this industry create everything ranging from news broadcasting and communications, to your favorite movie or phone app.

Rising Star Careers


Art Director: $114,490

Producers and Directors: $96,690

Animators: $88,080

Fashion Designer: $87,210

Writers and Editors: $76,270

Media and Communication workers: $70,180

Camera Operator: $67,590

Interior Designer: $61,400

Media Equipment Technician: $59,990

Graphic Designer: $58,370

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Student Success Story:

Horizon High School 2016

I love that my career is based on constantly creating something. Enrolling in the graphic design program gave me a jump start on my career as a video game designer.

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