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Certified Nursing AssistaNT

Certified Nursing Assistants provide health care for patients at home, hospitals, and other facilities under the direction of a registered nurse. They perform day-to-day tasks and play a vital role in hospitals and other facilities. Being a CNA can help prepare you for a career in nursing or healthcare management work by providing tactical skills and knowledge that readies you to enter the workforce or gives you an edge when entering a four-year college or university. Whatever pathway you choose in the health field, becoming a CNA is a fantastic place to start your career.




St. Anthony North Health Campus provides whole person care for all of our local communities. Dedicated to becoming the health care system of choice for the communities they serve, St. Anthony North Health Campus offers inpatient and outpatient care at one site, with an emphasis on preventative health, wellness and health education for the mind, body and spirit.

Nursing pathway

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Specialize as a CNA in Acute Care, Telemetry Tech, Critical Care, or GI Lab Technician.

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Nursing Student Extern while attending (FRCC) Front Range Community College through Centura reimbursement program.

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Registered Nurses play a vital role as front-line medical workers, responsible for delivering high-quality patient care in a variety of settings.

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Earn a leadership position as an RN as a critical care tech lead.

SURGICAL pathway

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Surgical Technologist Apprentice will learn duties on the job while studying toward certification and be guided through the program with a Patient Care Supervisor.

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One year of paid education through Front Range Community College and after completing allows for a permanent position as a surgical technician or as a medical assistant.

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Focus on Success:
Katie Eades
Legacy High School 2021

Having lost my dad to ALS, I have seen first-hand what medicine can for people. This led me to set my focus on becoming a doctor and to take Medical Sciences I & II at Bollman. Through Bollman, I was able to participate in the Discovery Program at St. Anthony’s North Hospital and upon completion, I was invited to volunteer at the hospital and continue to do so a year a half later. I took my CNA exam after completing Medical Sciences II and was able to graduate high school with a CNA certification. I am now working almost 40 hours per week as a CNA at a skilled nursing and rehab facility. In addition to all the skills the program taught me, I learned to be comfortable in medical settings and to trust in my abilities. I will continue my education at Western Washington University this fall and plan to go on to medical school from there. This program provided me not only with a strong foundation on which to build my future, but a way to get into the field while I am still in school and mentors who continue to encourage me.

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Learning in action

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