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A welder joins metal together through the use of intense heat and gas. Welders work on all types of industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications. Some even work underwater to repair oil rig foundations, ship hulls, and other types of subaquatic structures. A career in welding provides many opportunities for upskilling to learn the latest technology and specialize in specific machinery. Due to the almost universal need for their skills, welders are in high demand worldwide.



Join us in this three-part series as CEO Scott White gives us a tour of Denver Machine Shop. Scott showcases all of the industrial machinery, how certain machines work, and how his team works together. You also get to learn directly from the experts, Justin and Thomas, on how they started their career journey as welders and what they love about their careers!

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Focus on Success:
Thornton High School

“I am the only girl born into my family, and because of the FutureForward program, I get to continue my father and grandfather’s footsteps in becoming a professional welder. When I earn my certification, I will be able to keep on my family’s welding legacy.”

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