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Hospitality and
Food Production

Hospitality jobs are customer service positions at hotels, restaurants, events, and other areas of the tourism industry. Opportunities vary and encompass all jobs at the locations, with employees working together to satisfy the customer's needs.


Executive chefs and head cooks are responsible primarily for overseeing the operation of a kitchen. They design the menu, review food and beverage purchases, and often train cooks and other food preparation workers. Some executive chefs primarily handle administrative tasks and may spend less time in the kitchen.


Sous chefs are a kitchen’s second-in-command. They supervise the restaurant’s cooks, prepare meals, and report results to the head chefs. In the absence of the head chef, sous chefs run the kitchen.

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Northglenn High School 

“I enrolled in the ProStart program because my favorite thing to do is be in the kitchen with my abuela. Soon after I earn my ProStart certification, we hope to open our own tamales business using recipes my abuela learned from her abuela!”

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