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A plumber maintains pipes in our homes and businesses. These pipes need to be installed and maintained for potable water, drainage, irrigation, and sewage, as well as other uses. Plumbers can be involved in hands-on work or may work in a design capacity, drafting blueprints and helping make the installation process more efficient.


An expert in plumbing has the legal expertise and is aware of building regulations and safety standards and works to make sure these standards are upheld. Plumbers often work right alongside architects, as they can contribute valuable knowledge about the best positions for wall passage and fixture locations, saving the architect valuable time and avoiding expensive mistakes.

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“I always felt like I struggled in school, but after a few months in the welding program, I realize that I think in 3D. I have always struggled with math on paper, but when working on creating a 3D piece everything clicks for me. Now that I understand how I learn and process information differently, I am looking forward to my other classes.”

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