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An Emergency Medical Technician is educated in assessing a patient and determining if any life-threatening injuries or illnesses may be present on the spot. An EMT has the skills to assess a patient's condition, manage respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies, and transport the patient to a hospital. Everyday duties can include splinting injuries for a patient following a motor vehicle collision, administering life-saving epinephrine for a patient suffering an allergic reaction, or even administering CPR to a patient in cardiac arrest. An EMT’s ability to quickly recognize if someone is injured or dying is

a huge step forward into the medical field.

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Thornton High School 2019

“Highly recommend any student wanting to join the medical field to enroll in this program! Two years since graduating with my certification and I have a great job at St. Anthony's Hospital.  St. Anthony's also has a program where they support their employees through college and I am earning my bachelor's with their help!

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