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Education professionals can find work in schools of all levels, including pre-K and postsecondary institutions. Teachers prepare and educate their students for the world. Their subject matter depends on the age they are instructing, ranging from math and reading basics up until specialty courses taught in higher education. Teachers also have the ability to work in different environments; primarily traditional schools but also online options. 


When you earn a teaching degree, you have options for jobs outside of the classroom as well. Potential job options for an education administrator can help with advanced curriculum planning, professional development, and instructional guidance for other teachers. 

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Focus on Success: Brittany Sandoval
Northglenn High School 2012

“I joined Family and Consume Science CTE program my freshman year and it changed my life completely. All of my success in my leadership and community involvement are thanks to what I learned in FCS and Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. The interpersonal skills, professional development, and critical thinking formed me as a student leader. Along with what I learned, being involved in the community gave me the ability to speak, and connect with different people. All of those aspects created multiple pivotal moments in my life.”

Read Brittany's full story here!

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