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A couple at a business meeting

Business Program

Globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to strong demand for business professionals and accountants. In addition, increasing usage of data and market research in order to understand customers and product demand will lead to the growing demand for market research analysts. Obtaining the necessary skills to become a business professional will set you up for success as an employee within a corporation or as an entrepreanuer!

Rising Star Careers


Chief Executive: $197,840


Marketing and Sales Manager: $150,400


Human Resource Manager: $134,580


Operations Manager: $125,740


Financial Advisors: $122,490


Accountant and Auditors: $81,660


Marketing Research Analyst: $73,970


Buyer and Purchasing Agent: $72,370

Property Appraisers: $65,630

Bookkeeper: $44,100

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Student Success Story:
Meet Valerie Kistler

Mountain Range High School 2020

I did a business internship with the Five Star Education Foundation for half of a semester. I helped procure auction items for the Foundation's largest event and participated in logistical planning meetings. I learned how to communicate with business owners on supporting our district. It was a great experience shadowing executive-level work instead of just grabbing coffee!

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