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Automotive service technicians and mechanics are often called service technicians or service techs who inspect, maintain, and repair cars. Automotive service technicians and mechanics typically identify problems, often by using computerized diagnostic equipment and test parts and systems to ensure that they work properly.

Automotive body and glass repairers restore, refinish, and replace vehicle bodies and frames, windshields, and window glass. Automotive body repairers review damage reports, prepare cost estimates, and inspect cars for structural damage. A collision expert will remove damaged body parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, and trim and realign car frames and chassis to repair structural damage.

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Focus on Success:
Thornton High School 2021

“I graduated at a time where companies really needed to hire. I went to the Denver International Airport career fair and stopped by the United table. Because I graduated high school with automotive certifications, I was hired quickly and was nominated for the United employee program that is fast-tracking me into becoming an engineer! 

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